EDspaces 2022 EDsession Program & Schedule


Why OLD Shouldn't Be a Bad Word When it Comes to Design

  • Description: Most schools come with established tradition which is the hallmark of many communities. However, as school buildings age and enrollment changes, the needs for upgrades can sometimes be at odds with the original design or intent of a building. Preserving identity and history while simultaneously upgrading for future needs and evolving programs can be accomplished most successfully through adaptive reuse. Learn how adaptive reuse can provide an economically feasible purpose for school buildings while still being harmoniously respectful of identity and history.
  • Date:Wednesday, November 2
  • Time:2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Location:EDspaces Classroom B118
  • Track:Design/Project Management
  • Audience:Architects & Designers, Educational Institutions
  • Learning Objective 1:Understand the economical and environmental impacts of adaptive reuse vs. new construction.
  • Learning Objective 2:Explore the benefits to a school and its community when history and tradition can be preserved.
  • Learning Objective 3:Explore the steps of a successful adaptive reuse case study.
  • Learning Objective 4:Learn ways to address underutilized infrastructure.
  • Credit:AIA LU, IDCEC
Kory Hunsinger
Jason Benfante
Stephen Saxton
Avoca Central School District