EDspaces 2022 EDsession Program & Schedule


Why the Walls? How to Find Opportunities with the Obstacles!

  • Description: Designing schools is about connecting the dots with mindsets, leadership, well-being of students and staff, and learner engaged spaces. It is through these connections that we create forward future spaces that mold and evolve with the ever-changing world.
  • Date:Wednesday, November 2
  • Time:1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Location:DesignWell Classroom, Booth 1303
  • Track:Pedagogy/Student Outcomes
  • Audience:Architects & Designers, Distributors, Educational Institutions
  • Learning Objective 1:Examine how the design process directly impacts how we see opportunities in the obstacles.
  • Learning Objective 2:Share several steps that help connect the learner with the designer.
  • Learning Objective 3:Discuss the impact we are making in a way that changes ideas, provokes creativity, and inspires positive thinking?
  • Learning Objective 4:Interconnectedness of space learning requires purposeful design and passionate leadership.
Brian Proctor
Walnut Grove Elementary