EDspaces 2022 EDsession Program & Schedule


Designing Active Learning Classrooms for Hybrid Learning

  • Description: Learning models and classroom environments are changing considerably. The increased adoption of hybrid learning models opens up opportunities for academic institutions. How might we support active learning within hybrid learning experiences, and what is the impact of hybrid learning on active learning classrooms? What spatial and technology solutions could enhance student-centered and instructor-centered activities within active learning classrooms? To address these questions, Grand Valley State University and Steelcase WorkSpace Futures researchers will share insights and design principles for hybrid learning classrooms along with data from observations, interviews and surveys.
  • Date:Wednesday, November 2
  • Time:8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Location:EDspaces Classroom B115
  • Track:Design/Project Management
  • Audience:Architects & Designers, Educational Institutions
  • Learning Objective 1:Discover how the concepts — equity, engagement and ease — can improve hybrid learning experiences.
  • Learning Objective 2:Discussion of user-centered insights for hybrid classrooms.
  • Learning Objective 3:Sharing of research-based design principles and space considerations for hybrid classrooms.
  • Learning Objective 4:Discussion on the empirical findings from the implementation of different hybrid classroom models.
  • Credit:AIA LU, IDCEC
Robert Talbert
Grand Valley State University
Andrew Kim
Steelcase Learning
Rick Vandermolen
Grand Valley State University