EDspaces 2022 EDsession Program & Schedule


Neither Here Nor There: The Value of In-between Spaces in School Design

  • Description: Historically, school designs have focused on primary program spaces such as classrooms, gyms, auditoriums, libraries, labs and cafeterias. Little attention is paid to the spaces that connect and provide access to these primary spaces. Corridors, vestibules and stairs are often seen as wasted space. Yet, these “non-programmable” spaces play an important psychological role as students transition between activities throughout the day. By contrasting built examples across a variety of campuses, this session discusses how paying attention to the design of these spaces can profoundly impact the daily experience of students and dramatically increase engagement and wellness.
  • Date:Wednesday, November 2
  • Time:3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Location:AIA CAE Classroom, Booth 754
  • Track:Design/Project Management
  • Audience:Architects & Designers, Distributors, Educational Institutions
  • Learning Objective 1:Understand the psychological importance of unprogrammed spaces in schools.
  • Learning Objective 2:Learn how to reclaim and activate “lost” space in schools.
  • Learning Objective 3:Identify underused spaces in existing buildings that can be activated to enhance student learning and success.
  • Learning Objective 4:Learn what design strategies can be used in these in-between spaces enhance student learning